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We have two presentations this coming Friday, August 22. The first will be given by member Mike Weber who is an assistant professor in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at ISU. Mike's presentation will be "Fisheries, Ecology, and Fun in New Zealand: ISU Study Abroad 2014". Several months ago Mike took a group of students to New Zealand and he will talk about their trip.
Our second presentation will be given by member Roger Larson on "Truth Stretching by Anglers". We have all experienced our fiends doing this, in fact many of us have probably enhanced a few of our fishing stories from time to time. Roger's presentation should put a smile on your face.
We will meet at 7 AM in our regular meeting room in the CPMI Building at 2321 North loop Drive. I hope you can come and enjoy these programs this Friday.
Join us for a day trip to Lake Red Rock on Friday, August 29th. The outing will replace our regularly scheduled meeting that day. Let me know at if you want to go and whether you would be a boater or rider. 
We have added a club September outing to Lake Minnitaki, ON, September 17-25th, 2014. See details in the Documents section under Club Outings.
The results of the Saylorville and Red Rock outings are posted in the Documents section of the Web site under club outings. All member's catches are reported there. Also, I (Lee) posted a report on each days fishing methods, lures used and where I caught them under Fishing Reports in the Forums section.
See Les Wolfe's report in the Blogs section about his recent fishing trip to Ash Rapids and Shoal Lake in Lake of the Woods, Canadian side. Last week, August 11th, members Greg Geoffroy, Richard Janssen and Dick Ealy were up there. I will try scheduling a program on both of these outings sometime in September.
Any ideas on winter boat storage please share with the club. You can send this information to me, , and I will send it out to the membership. 
Club Outings for 2014.  The following club outings are being planned for 2014, with specific details included in the Documents section under Information on Club Outings. There are also PowerPoints on the 2013 trips to Minaki, Ash Rapids and Ashland included with the details. The PowerPoints will give you an idea of what those trips would be like.  
  • Mar 23-28:   Mississippi Crappie Trip (see summary of trip in Lee's Blog)
  • May 14th:    Day trip to Green Valley Lake near Creston
  • May 18-22:  Truman Lake Spring Trip
  • June 5th:     Outing to Clear Lake
  • Jun 20-28:   Minaki/Paradise Cove Canada trip 
  • Saylorville, July 29th and Red Rock, July 30th
  • Aug 10-16:  Ash Rapids Lodge, Shoal Lake/Lake of the Woods, Canada 
  • Day trip to Lake Red Rock, Friday August 29th.
  • September 17-25: Lake Minnitaki, ON
  • Oct 12-16:   Chequamegon Bay, Ashland, WI
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