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Ames Anglers
Central Iowa Anglers; learning, teaching, talking.

                                       Max with nice string of Walleyes Saskatchewan 2019.

This week's program will be given by member Andrea Sylvia on "An Evaluation of Tournament Angling Impacts on a Largemouth Bass Population". The talk will be a summary of Andrea's research for her PhD in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Iowa State University. The research was done on the largemouth population at Brushy Creek. The program will begin at 7 AM this Friday, August 16th in our regular meeting room in the CPMI Bldg. located in the ISU Research Park.  
Until further notice we will have breakfast on Friday mornings at the west Hy Vee. This is because the central Hy Vee is undergoing an update to their restaurant. 

Anglers meet every Friday morning for breakfast at Hy Vee Central (L way and Grand in Ames) between 7:30 and 8 AM. If we have a regular meeting at 7 AM we will then meet at around 8:15 -8:30 AM. Come join us for some fish stories and bring along a few of your own.
Lee Huey
Ames Anglers

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