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Chuck's Adventure Fishing

Late June - 2 corporate groups at POP Outpost
By Chuck Beck
Posted on 7/5/2017 7:32 PM
I returned from Camp on July 1st after 2 groups for 3 day each
These two groups targeted walleye exclusively except for one lost soul that had to search out some smallmouth bass.
On the second day a good friend of mine boated a 29 1/2 walleye which was a personal best for him and tied the biggest fish caught in our camp, he caught it on Windy Point for the people that have been to camp
Numbers of walleye continue to lag from past years but the quality of fish keeps getting better
There is a huge year class of 19 to 22 inch walleyes with many over 24 inches
The hot bait continues to be a pink floating jig fished Lindy style with a 4 foot leader behind 3/8 oz. walking weight tipped with a minnow. The walleye are in 24 feet of water which is ahead of the normal pattern for this time of year.
The small mouth bass have all moved off the beds into deeper water. He had good success with a silver speckled tube jig with his largest bass measuring 18 inches.

I'm leaving for camp in the morning for 3 weeks with 3 groups and my wife is coming in for a couple of days at the end
The first group is a bunch from Ames Anglers. I'm sure they are going to want to kill some poor innocent crawlers so we see how that goes with professional crawler fishermen. 

Keep your rod up and your line tight