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Trow's Tips

Lake Francis Case 2015
By Jim Trow
Posted on 4/2/2015 6:26 PM

Lake Francis Case update. 


For the next few weeks, I will try and keep all anglers that are headed to Chamberlain update on the latest conditions.  Hopefully this will help you make so decisions on presentations, locations and river conditions.


As of April 1, the weather was high 80/33, that’s not normal.  Flow from Fort Randall was 26,700 cfs which was an increase of 0.1. Benchmark of 1352.8 is the gage reading in feet.  The water temp is below 40.


Locations for catching fish has been:

                Crow Creek to Kiowa

                Carpenter to White River

                Rock structure along Chamberlain



                Jig and minnow

                Phelps floater and bottom bouncer with minnow

                Trolling flats