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Ames Anglers
Central Iowa Anglers; learning, teaching, talking.
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What is Ames Anglers club?
Ames Anglers is a volunteer club of anglers in the Ames, Iowa area.  We meet on Friday mornings, except for certain holidays, at 7:00 AM, in the second floor Conference Room, at the CPMI Building at 2321 North Loop Drive in Ames.  All anglers are welcome.
What types of members does Ames Anglers have?
Ames Anglers has just one type of member.  All may attend Weekly Meetings, receive notices of future meetings, outings and events, view the Public Menu of our Web Site, and participate in most club events.  However, since our Web site costs about $5 per year to publish and maintain, those who have made a donation of at least $5 are designated as Active Site Members.  They see an expanded Members Menu on the site, and can participate in the Calendar, publish photo albums, write in the Forums, publish and maintain a personal Blog, and use the Membership Directory to communicate with other members.
When and where does Ames Anglers meet?
Ames Anglers meets every Friday morning, from 7:00 to 8:00, except for certain holiday times, at the CPMI Building at 2321 N. Loop Drive in southwest Ames.  To find us:
1) Take the University Exit off of Highway 30.
2) Go south past the entrance to Gateway Hotel to the first roundabout and continue left or east.
3) Turn onto Airport Road.
4) Go to the first left, which is North Loop Drive.
5) Go to 2321 and enter the west entrance of the CPMI Building.
6) Proceed to the second floor Conference Room, which is on the west end of the building overlooking the pond.
What is an Ames Anglers Outing?
An Ames Anglers Outing is a club fishing event, sometimes local and sometimes to remote waters, to which members go as a group. Besides outings to local waters club members go to Canada, Minnesota, Wiconsin and Missouri   They are great fun, and give members a chance to fish with expert anglers.  Reservations are usually required.  Watch this Web site for announcements.
What dues are required by Ames Anglers club?
Ames Anglers members pay no dues.  Attendance at Friday morning meetings is free.
However, because publishing and maintaining our Web site does require funding, we have asked for donations of at least $5 per year to support the site.  Members who donate are listed as Active Site Members and have full use of all features of the site.
How many members has Ames Anglers?
As of the last week in January 2017, Ames Anglers has over 300 members on our roster of whom 200 recieve the weekly email, and 125 plus have signed up to be Active Web site Members..
Where do Ames Anglers go fishing?
Ames Anglers may go anywhere they can catch fish; many Iowa lakes, rivers, ponds and reservoirs as well as oceans, lakes and rivers in other states.